How to implement your idea with the help of MyVision?

Hello to everyone from MyVision team!

In this article, we want to tell you more details on how you can make your design dream come true with the help of our team, by implementing your idea in decor, lighting, furniture, or home accessories.

Is it possible? - you may ask. We can tell you that this is not just possible but very simple and convenient! With the help of MyVision team:)

MyVision: who, how, and why?

MyVision is a two-in-one: design bureau with production facilities.

We create furniture hardware, lighting, small-sized furniture, and home decor from non-ferrous metals.

We have our product line, which we create from design to production: you can find our products on our website

We also do individual orders, i.e. we create customized products that we develop jointly or exclusively based on sketches of other designers and/or regular people who want to realize their dreams in making their own product :)

You may ask: who and why might need to bother so much, creating their own products for home? Nowadays one can easily buy everything in the store ...

Our customized production service can come in handy:

⁃ for people who want to get an exclusive product, not a one-size-fits-all item or a copy of the famous brand from the Internet

⁃ for those who want quality items with a perfect realization, made of solid natural metals

⁃ for those who want to get what is intended and desired. When people do not have to accept compromise between expensive European brands, but not very suitable in terms of style and design, or cheap and low-quality China.

The good news is that you don’t have to bother!

With MyVision, you can get good quality and exclusive designs with minimal effort on your part.

How does it work?

Let's take a look at what it means to “effortless implementation of your design idea with MyVision” and how it works in practice.

An illustration of the most typical case of a customized order:

we are contacted by an interior designer/product designer/person with a request to help in creating, for example, furniture handles or, say, metal stair balusters. This item(s) does not exist yet, but the customer wants us to create a particular item(s) from scratch.

To start working on such an order, we need the following information:

1. Visualization of an item(s) in any form: a photo, a sketch, a freehand drawing on a piece of paper [the most common case, I would say:)]

2. Metal(s) from which the item(s) need to be made

3. Approximate dimensions of the item(s) and their expected quantity

This is pretty much all:)

What is happening next?

We will calculate and send you the cost and terms of the project.

We do any project in three following stages.

1st stage: 3D modeling

At this stage, we create a 3D model of the product based on the information received from the customer, make corrections, if necessary, and agree on all the details of the visual and technical part (dimensions, materials).

Next, we create a 3D plastic model of a product in real size (if the item is very large, then we make a small size of the model, but with a sufficient level of detail to agree on the final product).

Next, we make a technical blueprint for production.


2nd stage: Prototype creation

At this stage, based on previously agreed technical blueprints, model, and mock, we create a prototype or a real product in real size from the declared materials with the desired finishes. At this stage, we can still make minor changes and adjustments, mainly related to materials, topcoats, and visual details.

As a result of this stage, the customer receives one item of a product that fully meets the previously agreed requirements.

What is the reasoning behind this stage: very often, products are not made in a single item, but in batches. The materials cost, the design, that requires detailed elaboration, or finishes that are critical for the final look & feel of the product - all this influences the final cost of a batch by making it expensive.

In this case, it is rational to create a prototype to finalize the appearance of the product at the prototyping stage with minimal time and money investments.

Besides, the customer will be able to bring the ready-made item into the interior and in reality see whether the product meets the expectations in terms of style, general appearance, color, finishing, dimensions, etc.

If the final product is required in a single item, then at this stage we create a small but completely realistic sample that will serve as a prototype for us for the 3rd final stage of the product implementation.

3rd stage: production of a batch of products/final product

This stage exists both for making a batch and for creating a final one item product. At this stage, we start production of a batch of products/final product, according to the specifications we have already agreed and approved earlier at the stage of approval of the blueprint and prototype.


What are the terms and cost of customized production service?

Each stage is paid separately, we sign an agreement with the customer on the product and reflect all specifications and aspects in the contract, in cases it is necessary.

Payment conditions:

1st stage - 100% prepayment. As a result of this stage a 3D model, a plastic item, and the technical blueprint appear.

2nd stage - 100% prepayment. The customer gets a prototype of the product: a real product made according to all the requirements from the required material, but in a single copy/smaller version (if the product is required in one copy).

3rd stage - 70% prepayment. At the end of this stage, a batch of products/final product appears.

The rest of the sum is paid on the day of delivery of the batch/product to the customer.

The timing of the stages and the cost: can vary and depend on numerous factors, such as the complexity of the products, the production technology, the volume of the order, the availability of materials, etc.

We are very flexible in our approach to working with our customers: at any stage of the project implementation with us, the customer can stop if he/she wishes so or there is a need for this.

If you started the 1st stage with us, and then your circumstances/decision on the product is changed - you can stop at this stage and not continue further. It also works the same for the second stage.

In any case, you will come out of each stage with the value you paid for: be it a 3D model, plastic item, blueprint, or prototype. The result obtained will allow you to move forward in the implementation of your idea, even if you cannot finish this now.


What orders does MyVision work with and ones doesn't?

MyVision has a specialization that defines the orders we are ready to work with.

Our specialization is non-ferrous metals (brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, nickel).

We also work with epoxy resins and natural stone, but only as a decorative refinement of our metal products (e.g. as finishes, top coats, decorative elements, but not as the main material for the manufacturing of the entire product).

We work only with environmentally friendly materials (of natural origin), high-quality components, and reagents because we love nature and value the environment. We also believe that our customers deserve only high-quality products for which we strive to achieve in our production.

We are sure that there is nothing more beautiful than things created by nature, and therefore we are happy to use it’s achievements :) to create products for our beloved customers.

Our "NO GO’s":

⁃ We do not make plastic products, as well as products consisting of 100% composite materials and its derivatives.

⁃ We are not engaged in the manufacture of large-sized furniture, upholstered furniture, cabinet furniture, as well as products made 100% of wood, stone, concrete.

⁃We do not make spare parts for products and various small parts (e.g. chandelier holders, base for lamps, parts of table legs, etc.) We design and manufacture only fully fledged products, i.e. the fully finished items.

Summing up the above, we want to encourage you not to postpone the realization of your dream or idea. Do not be afraid of being individual and one of a kind! You should not refuse to surround yourself with high-quality beautiful things!

Fill your home with unique beauty that reflects your personality, worldview, and your values.

MyVision team is good at making custom-made products and easily realizes customized production service of different complexity, therefore we are ready to take on all the difficulties of the process to help you make your dreams come true.

Looking forward to your ideas!


Best regards,

MyVision Team